Golden Door Supper Club Golden Door Supper Club


  • Ryan Roadhouse – Owner/chef Nodoguro, Portland Resturant of the Year 2015
  • Kitchen Cru – Portland's #1 culinary arts incubator


  • Salmon Roe with soy, Yuzu skin and butter on baquette
  • Pyrennes spicy garlic mushroom melody in endive wrap
  • Oyster, ginger blossom and horseradish bits
  • Jamon Iberico
  • Smoked Salmon, pickled mushroom and egg yolk
  • Cava Rosat AVINYO Brut Reserva

First Seating

  • Salad of angulas with seaweed and ginger on bed of nappa cabbage
  • Usuzukuri Flounder, poached monkfish liver, bok choy and citrus
  • Bacalao kasuzuke with preserved chestnut miso and braised chard
  • Basque cider
  • Garbanzos, diced mortzilla stir fried with golden raisins and toasted almond
  • Basque Skatewing with grilled onion, peppers and smoked sasify
  • Fremin Etxaniz Txacoli 2014


  • KIDS-HEAL short film
  • Sparkling Satori Sake Surprise
  • Sake, sparkling wine, ginger syrup with house pickled wild Mirabelle plum.

Second Seating

  • Uncle Frank’s inFamous Solomo, garlic, pimenton and porkloin with roasted red pepper
  • Patatak Patxi, new potatoes Etorki smoked sheep cheese béchamel with fresh peas
  • The Commons Petit Classique beer
  • Morikawa aMazing Mafa, funyu sweet & savory ginger & garlic chicken
  • Breakside La Tormenta beer
  • Garlic soup with flash fried Japanese parsley
  • A5 Wagyu sukiyaki, whipped egg yolk and chrysanthemum
  • Japanese tortilla with fried sardines
  • Vintage sake

Tea Service and Dessert

  • Buckwheat flan with black sugar, almond and dried fig
  • Irrazabal smoked sheep cheese, cognac poached cherry filled opari
  • Nodoguro custom pan roasted Houjicha green tea
  • Stumptown coffee ala James Bond pour
  • D’Oliveira, Vintage Madeira, 1957

The Forgotten Corner of Oregon

Baker, Grant, Harney and Malheur counties constitute 28.3% of the land in our state, 1.5% of our population, and is home to many of the highest poverty, unemployment and hunger rates in Oregon. There are 34 communities with schools and only 1 has 5 days of school a week. 85% of these communities do not have local access to a hospital, clinic, doctor, nurse, dentist, gym, ongoing arts and health education, including no access to fresh food. The local gas station becomes the community grocery store, with many families traveling up to 250 miles on country roads once a month to purchase groceries.

KIDS-HEAL is addressing and solving these problems by creating, producing and distributing free interactive Arts&Health education to all the children in the Forgotten Corner of Oregon, in English and Spanish, in analog and digital and with a lot of fun.

Where there is physical hunger there is also creative hunger.

Click here for reservations.

Custom dinners for 34 available upon request.